Hello, I am Aileen.

A futurist from Berlin.

Get to know me and learn more about a futurists mindset.

About me

I am Aileen, a future philosopher & shaper / Change inspirator / Never-ending learner / Neo-Generalist / Progressive, visionary & strategic mind.

Living in Berlin, I spend my days coming up with ideas how to think things differently, teaching about futurism, creating new innovation and strategic foresight methods, re-thinking work and education, questioning the status quo and bringing together humanity and tech. One of the main parts of what I do is creating teaching concepts for and coach people in futurism about how to build a futures mindset and become a good futurist. I’ve worked and studied europe-wide and across different business types — from startups via the big fours to a think tank. My favorite question: Why? My favorite action: Let’s try! On Tuesday’s I am involved in local politics. (Remember, be the change you want to see in the word.) In my free time I love reading, doing yoga and pilates or just strolling through new cities.

Some facts…

Global citizen, future shaper, startup enthusiast and Berlin lover.

#28, Berlin born & raised, lived in BCL, AMS, CPH and BHO

#BA European Management TH Wildau & MA Future Studies FU Berlin

#Work experience from startups, freelancing, consulting, think tank and big four

#Social Entrepreneur, Futurist, Lecturer and Writer

Futurism opens the space for imagination, challenges the status quo and helps you building a visionary mind for creating desired futures.

Already did some cool things…

#Lectures on Futurism, Future of Work and Education

#Talks about Education, Impact Innovation and Futurism

#Projects like the future model canvas or creating a future concept for a local community

„We Should All Be Concerned About the Future Because We Will Have To Spend the Rest of Our Lives There.“

Charles F. Kettering

Join me on the #missionUtopia!

Our society needs utopias more than ever and for this the visionary power of young people is needed.

This is why I have created the movement #MissionUtopia. Here, I start where everything begins: at school and where people have the biggest future shaping power: in their jobs. At the moment I put all my love, money and energy in my social startup @DieZukunftsbauer, an education startup that brings the future to schools and transforms pupils into active future shaper. We want kids (humans) to become an entrepreneur of their own future. Therefore we developed teaching material and help schools creating an ecosystem for a job and study orientation program that covers the needs of the 21. century.

„I believe in a future where the point of education is not to prepare for another useless job but for a life well lived.“

Rutger Bregmann, Utopia for realists

Let’s create the future together!